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Utah attorney general announces resignation in wake of bribery …

Rick Bowmer / AP Utah Attorney General John Swallow speaks during a news conference on Thursday, in Salt Lake City. By Michelle L. Price, The Associated Press Utah Attorney General John Swallow announced Thursday that he is stepping down amid multiple investigations of bribery and misconduct that have hounded him ever since he took office at the beginning of the year. Swallow discussed his resignation at a news conference
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Six attorneys receive AG Ferguson's William V. Tanner Award

Award recognizes attorneys with exceptional achievements early in their careers OLYMPIA - Attorney General Bob Ferguson has selected six assistant attorneys general to receive the 2013 William V. Tanner Award for outstanding achievements early in their careers.  Ferguson established the new award this year in honor of the youngest Attorney General in state history. In 1911, William V. Tanner became Washington’s sixth Atto