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Teacher paid £17,000 compensation after slipping on a piece of HAM

A teacher who slipped while avoiding a slice of HAM and another who tumbled on a pen lid are among dozens of bizarre compensation payouts made by schools, it emerged yesterday (Weds). The teacher scooped £17,000 after side-stepping the meat slice on the dinner hall floor and slipping on “something gooey”. One council had to shell out £83,000 after an eight-year legal battle over a teacher who tripped on a football net. Th
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The Single Page Lawyer Resume | Blog

In this competitive legal market, employers are bombarded with resumes. In most cases, they do no have the time or manpower to give resumes more than a cursory two-minute glance to make an initial determination. What does this mean for your resume? The formatting on your lawyer resume should be impeccable to give the reader an immediate positive impression. You should also consider submitting a single page lawyer resume;
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Thornton & Naumes Partner, Andrea Marino Landry, Adds Title of …

By Thornton & Naumes, LLP Andrea Marino Landry, a Thornton & Naumes partner and associated with the firm since 2005, was recently appointed an associate adjunct professor at New England Law  |  Boston, teaching public health law.  Andrea has worked in the firm’s asbestos, tobacco, and birth defect practice areas during her time at the firm. Teaching public health law is a natural extension of her background and